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Q2: Slade - My Friend Stan 7" - Where does it come from?

I recently purchased this Slade 7", but am struggling to definitively say where it comes from. I have not been able to find a reference to a similar label online elsewhere. Here is the evidence:-

The label has a small centre and no obvious country markings. No sign of a "Made in ...." or normal publishing credits associated with a particular region

My Friend Stan 7"

You'll notice the "M45" logo


Which I've seen on a number of Belgian singles that I own.

You'll also spot the "Intersong" logo


I gather this is a German publishing company, but is their reach wider?

There are no clues on the etchings on the vinyl run-off, which simply show the catalogue number:


It would seem logical that it is a European pressing and Belgian, German or Dutch seem the most likely candidates. However, those all have fairly standard labels for this release:-

Belgian Label Dutch Label German Label
Standard Belgian Label Standard Dutch Label Standard German Label


So the evidence is:-

  • The disc was purchased in Belgium
  • It has a small centre - most mainland European discs do not
  • The "M45" points towards a Belgian pressing
  • The "Intersong" logo may point towards a German pressing
  • The Polydor International GmbH could also indicate Germany
  • There are no SABAM (Belgian), STEMRA (Dutch) or GEMA (German) clues on the label

So where do you think it is from (and why?). Is it a reissue?

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